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Main information about Ukraine

Ukraine is an independent European state. It is located in Central Europe. In the north, Ukraine borders Belarus, in the west - with Poland, Slovakia and Hungary, in the east and northeast - with Russia, and in the southwest and south - with Romania and Moldova

The area of the territory is 603.7 thousand square km. Ukraine is the second country in Europe (for comparison: the area of France is 551 thousand sq. km). The maximum distance between the eastern and western borders of Ukraine is 1316 km, and between the northern and southern borders - 893 km

Ukraine is an independent democratic republic. The capital and largest city of Ukraine is Kyiv. The population of Kyiv is more than two and a half million people. The head of state is the President. The highest legislative body - Verkhovna Rada (Parliament)

Ukraine is a multinational state. More than 41 million people live in it. The main population is Ukrainians. In addition, representatives of 100 other nationalities are living in Ukraine

The southern shores of Ukraine are washed by the Black and Azov seas. The largest river of Ukraine is the Dnipro, which crosses its entire territory from north to south. The largest mountain massif is the Eastern (or Ukrainian) Carpathians, which in the western part of the country stretched in a strip up to 270 km long. The highest peak of the Ukrainian Carpathians and all of Ukraine is Mount Hoverla (2,061 m above sea level). Most of the territory of Ukraine (95%) consists of plains

The climate in Ukraine is moderate, mostly continental. Winter in Ukraine lasts 55-75 days (average January temperature from -8 to +2° C) with frequent thaws, but sometimes there are short-term frosts down to -30° C. Summer is warm, in the south of the country it is hot (average July temperature from +17 up to +25° C). There are years when the temperature reaches +35°C on some days in the summer

Ukraine has wonderful recreation areas on the coast of the Black and Azov Seas, ski resorts and mineral water treatment resorts in the Carpathian Mountains. Ukraine is rich in architectural and historical monuments - objects for exciting sightseeing trips

Ukraine from the sky (Ukraïner)

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Kyiv is the capital of Ukraine, one of the largest and oldest cities in Europe. Kyiv is at least 1,500 years old. Today, Kyiv is the largest city of Ukraine, a political, economic, scientific, technical and cultural center. Its population is more than 3.7 million people. The area of the city is 836 square meters. km, of which 367 sq. km - forest park zone.

A special feature of Kyiv is a successful combination of ancient and modern architecture. The city has more than 3,000 sights of history, architecture and culture: St. Sophia Cathedral, St. Andrew's Church, Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, Golden Gate, Mariinsky Palace, Independence Square, etc. Under the city, archaeologists found hectares of an ancient settlement. Together with famous cultural sights, modern and fashionable Podil, recreation area near the river, Kyiv is one of the most interesting cities in the world for a tourists


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