Master's degree

A master's degree is a degree awarded by an educational institution upon successful completion of a required educational program comprising 90 - 120 ECTS credits for teaching and 120 ECTS credits for research training

Specialties and educational programs
for Master's degree

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List of documents required for admission:

- Application for admission

- Questionnaire

- National passport of a foreigner or other document certifying a stateless person with an issued visa of type D for countries with a visa entry procedure, which is issued by consular institutions of Ukraine abroad on the basis of invitations to study, unless otherwise stipulated by international treaties of Ukraine (original, 4 copies of the original document and 4 copies of the Ukrainian translation with notarization in Ukraine)

- Invitation letter

- Birth certificate (1 copy of the original and 1 copy of the Ukrainian translation and notarization)

- Diploma (complete secondary education) (original and 3 copies with Ukrainian translation and notarization)

- Appendix to the document on education (list of completed disciplines) (original and 3 copies with Ukrainian translation and notarization)

- 12 photos measuring 3x4 cm

- Consent to the collection and processing of personal data

- Contract of liability insurance for reimbursement of expenses related to the execution of the decision on administrative expulsion from Ukraine (deportation)


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